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We are an official club!!!!



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 Post subject: We are an official club!!!!
PostPosted: August 6th, 2012, 8:24 am 
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As many of you know, We have incorporated Infectious Off-road as a 501(c)(7) non-profit. We have a bank account and will soon be insured.

Before I mention ANYTHING else, let me make something clear; It IS our intention to keep the club going as it is - with very little structure or rules, where folks just get together for the purpose of wheeling, introducing new folks to the hobby, and having fun. We want to avoid the drama that comes with many other clubs and focus on enjoying the sport, regardless of your age, lifestyle, religion, color, sex, vehicle, financial status, or background. This has been a very successful business model. We are the biggest 4x4 club in Kern County and our ranks just keep growing, so why change it? We chose to incorporate so we can legally bank and have the protection of insurance, and that is it. We did not incorporate so we can copy other clubs and impose additional rules.

As a full paying member, you will have the opportunity to make motions, second motions, and bring new business to a vote. Please do not abuse this by constantly making motions for every detail of activity that runs counter to your personal beliefs. As stated before, we are a VERY diverse group of people, so eventually you will see something that you don't agree with. Please show some tolerance toward others and do not use the benefits of incorporation to create drama within the club. We will also not roll-over to the fear tactics of groups like the Sierra Club; As our founder GJ eloquently put it, "this club will NOT become a bunch of trail-Nazis".

Soooooo, with that out of the way, lets get down to business:

We will start selling full memberships this Thursday at the M&G. You do not need to be a paying member to be included in this club. In fact, if you can not afford it, I strongly urge you to not be a paying member. Membership categories will be as follows:

FULL MEMBERS: Pay $50 per year dues to the club. Have the right to vote on club business and for club directors during election cycles. Receive a free set of club decals with membership. These members will be referred to as "the Infected".

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS: Will pay no dues. Can not vote on club business or officials. Can purchase club decals. Basically, the same as it is right now.

Membership cycles are Jan 1st to December 31st. For memberships purchased during this period, the price will be pro-rated at $5 per month for the remaining months in the membership cycle. So, memberships will be sold for $25 at this Thursday's M&G, then on Jan 1st, $50 will be due for the following year.

We are not trying to turn a profit off of memberships and merchandise sales, just make enough to pay for insurance, taxes, the website, gear to raffle off, and a little left over to help SOTS keep our local trails open.

The board of Directors is as follows:


These initial directors were chosen because they are VERY involved in club activities and working out the details during our start-up will be a lot of work.

GJ is permanent president of the club, and can not be removed from that position unless he voluntarily resigns. The other directors will be voted upon every 2 years, but have no term limits.

A copy of our bylaws will be posted soon on our main page, so you will have access to all the club details.

You will notice a new section in our forums for "the infected". This forum was created to conduct official club business, voting, and to post minutes. This was created so our M&Gs don't turn into boring meetings. Only Full Members will have access to this board. Please do not use these boards for personal chit-chat or as a complaint section. These boards are being used to officially comply with the corporate requirements published by the IRS and the State of California. As stated in our bylaws, you can make a motion. If someone seconds that motion and it carries, there will be a vote. All activity during each month will be condensed into minutes and posted in that section. Please don't blast the board with frivolous motions, as this creates more work for the directors and will get annoying very fast.

Remember, you do not need to pay anything to be a member of Infectious Off-Road, BS with the gang on the forums, or join any of our runs. The most harm that could come to this club is if rumors get out that you must PAY to be a member!

I hope to see everyone on Thursday for memberships, good food, good conversation, and a decent raffle.


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